Mobile Bartending Services

More and more, our clients are enjoying the comfort of entertaining in their homes, offices or venues other than restaurants and bars. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to create the perfect celebration or party.

Our new Mobile Bartending service allows you to throw the party of your dreams, without the hassle of running to six stores to find the ingredients you need to stock the bar. Whether you envision a boutique wine bar to compliment a holiday party, Margaritas shaken at your summer fiesta, or a comprehensive bourbon line-up at your tailgate party, we can make it happen.

How it works.

Our bar team contacts you prior to your event to discuss the “bar mix” you’d like to host. They customize a menu based on your wishes on beer, wine, spirits and mixers, and then prior to your event shop and stock your bar. They arrive with ice and supplies, a mobile bar if requested (small rental fee applies), any specialty rentals or glassware requested, set-up and get serving your guests.

We charge a small set-up fee, and an hourly fee for the bartender’s service based on the size of your group. Then our clients pay just for the alcohol used during their event, without additional mark-up (specialty liquors do not apply), and no “per-drink” pricing like you’d experience in a restaurant. That means all fun, no hassle, no monitoring “tabs.”

Pricing Includes:

All Mobile Bartending prices will include:

  • A client interview to determine your bar preferences (beer, wine, spirits and mixers)
  • Personalized menu development
  • Same-week shopping to procure all the supplies they will need to execute your service
  • Travel to your home, and set-up
  • OLCC licensed professional bartender(s)
  • Drink preparation using our bar supplies, rental glassware or any of your favorite bar wares
  • Bar clean up

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