Private Chefs

As chefs, business owners, hobbyists, athletes, friends and family, we are well versed in how hectic life can be at times and how even on the best of days, cooking healthy and delicious meals for a household can be a challenge.

At BOXED, our Personal Chefs Service is designed to provide wholesome, ingredient driven and restaurant quality food that’s prepared in your home (or in our kitchens if you prefer) for busy individuals and families alike. After an initial consultation, our chefs prepare unique menus for our clients both rich in variety and ingredients, shop for ingredients and groceries, and plan and prepare each meal based on the group size and additional requests. And in general, our services and your menu prices out to be less then an average week of take-out. Simply pay an hourly rate, purchase your groceries (or let us) and let your imagination inspire us.

Throwing a special dinner party or event at your home and don’t have the time to do the work yourself? Not a problem with our Chefs Service. Let our team craft a special experience whether casual or fine. Our Chefs are experienced in many regional and international cuisines and we pair you with professionals best suited for your event.

Contact us for a free consultation and let’s get planning!